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After giving myself the newborn photographer biggest slacker award as a newborn photographer – I’ve vowed to blog in 2013. My newborn photography allows me to meet so many special sweet new lives and amazing new families – each and every one deserving a blog of their own! Today I want to share my first handsome little lad that visited me in the studio this year. Mommy and Daddy have already received their gallery and I’m so excited to share a few shots from our session!

I sure am one fortunate newborn photographer having the opportunity to capture this sweet little man’s first portraits! He slept, and slept, and slept – needless to say, he, like so many others who visit me, was a newborn photographer’s dream! He arrived several weeks early, so he was a peanut the day he came to see me – so I scooped up some of my smallest hats and bonnets for Mommy to choose from. His skin was near perfection and the light was perfect in the studio when he arrived, which was creeping on sweltering at 85 degrees (which I’ve come quite custom to – my baby heater is under my desk when it’s not being used for newborn photography)! ūüėČ

Ok, enough of my love rambles.. Meet little Austin –¬†making newborn photography look far more simple than it is!!



xo   Jessica Mitchell Photography | Newborn Photographer Austin, Tx


Newborn Photography Austin, Tx © Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, TX


Newborn Photography Austin, Tx © Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, TX


Newborn Photography Austin, Tx © Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, TX


Newborn Photography Austin, Tx © Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, TX


Newborn Photography Austin, Tx © Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, TX


Newborn Photography Austin, Tx © Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, TX



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Newborn Photography Austin, Tx | Loving Every Minute – One Year In!

Well you may have seen a recent post of mine about my newborn photography business, Jessica Mitchell Photography, reaching the ripe age of 1 year recently! It took some time of planning and researching, but I was more than ready to get back behind the camera. I had no idea where this would take me – whether I’d fall in love (what I was hoping), or if I’d pack up my macro, tail between my legs, and chalk it up to failure. I was one more aspiring newborn photographer, ready to wrap my arms around precious little ones and capture their first portraits, ones that should be cherished for several life times, wow, that’s a lot of pressure. I now gush with pride to say I’m a newborn photographer! ūüôā

Not long after, my first little one arrived. She was sweet and beautiful and simply perfect. Holding her in my arms, watching her fall asleep, I knew I’d chosen a heavenly age to photograph. This was not only going to feed my creative spirt, it was going to be emotionally fulfilling. More recently, I happened upon a quote shared by sweet newborn photographer friend of mine – I immediately died and went to quote heaven.

‚ÄúWhomever I‚Äôm photographing, I sort of fall in love with, or rather my camera falls in love with them. It could be a boy or a girl, because it‚Äôs all a fantasy. It‚Äôs fiction. [‚Ķ] I feel like there is a sense that you really have to love someone to photograph them. Not in an intimate sense, but I have to fall in love with someone with my camera to make really good pictures of them. It‚Äôs almost like I get hypnotized watching them.‚ÄĚ

As a newborn photographer, I’m let in on an emotional, loving miracle – the beautiful addition to a family, or a sweet little one that makes a loving man and woman Mommy and Daddy. I cherish this opportunity, and as a woman without children (yet), I’m enchanted every time by the excitement and unconditional love that is undoubtedly real and overwhelming. I love having families to my studio, but love it even more when they invite me into their homes. The home of a new family, the freshly appointed nursery, everyone comfortable in their setting, will often accelerate such emotion because it can be felt in every corner – full of excitement, hope, and love.

Little to say, newborn photography, children photography, and family photography has been so rewarding to me. I love the people I get to meet, the friendships I make, and the time spent with each and every person I have the pleasure of photographing. I took a little time today to look back on the photos I’ve made of the last year, the one thing that stuck out was, wow I’ve photographed a lot of girls! So, it the spirt of a girly year, here are a few of my favorite little beauties all together looking oh so precious!

xo Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, Tx Newborn Photographer

Jessica Mitchell Photography Austin Tx

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Newborn Photography | Austin, Tx | Beautiful Baby A!

I’m officially giving myself the newborn photographer biggest blog slacker award!! Because I’m not confident I’ll actually catch up, I’m posting one of the little beauties I photographed a few weeks ago who stole my heart (I’m working on her announcements)! As I’ve mentioned before, my newborn photography often takes me very special homes – this was no exception. A short drive found me surrounded by a beautiful Mommy, Daddy, and fresh (gorgeous) nursery and all the love you’d expect from a sweet new family – just add one of the most precious little faces.. ever!

I count myself one lucky little newborn photographer to have had the opportunity to capture this little beauties portrait! She was sleepy, smiley, and oh so sweet. Well, after setting up, I was finally able to get her nakie and hold her – not a few minutes later, I felt a warm rush between me and baby (any newborn photographer knows this feeling.. lol) – we’d now been intimately introduced ūüėČ After a quick change of clothes, it was time to get her into the first scene. The floors in the house were gorgeous – I always love being able to use hardwood in a home – it always ties in the colors and makes for gorgeous art that undoubtedly fits the home when printed!

A newborn photographer’s dream – I got to visit this little one twice to capture her, her tiny toes, fingers and she even flashed a smile! Patience, and lighting is key with newborn photography – which had me back a second day to spend a little more time with her and get some shots of the family.

Newborn photography at it’s finest (the subject, obviously)!


xo   Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, Tx






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Children Photography in Austin, Tx | This Little Beauty Is 1!

Oh, I’m so excited to share some photos of Miss B’s 1 year session! I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful little subject, and family! I was greeted by her enchanting eyes when we met Saturday morning last weekend. We spent some time taking her portrait – Mom brought along some adorable outfits and headbands, then we made a quick drive to let her eat cake!

Now, I’m usually more involved in the planning process of the outfit, cake, etc. for a 1 year session, but I nearly died when Mom pulled out this adorable tutu and they’d scooped up a free cake for our cake smash (can’t beat it) – I couldn’t have put it together better myself. The sun was just right and we set the cake out – this little girl went to work lol!¬†Oh, sweet B, I can’t wait to see you next time.


xo   Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, Tx










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Family Photography | Austin, Tx | Handsome Maro Is Turning 1!

My family photography brings me so much joy! I love having the opportunity to capture milestone moments like sweet Maro turning one! The first day we met, he wasn’t feeling so hot.. Allergies and teething was getting the best of the poor guy and we decided to try again the following week.

The morning of our session, I was greeted by this little lad who flashed me a cheeky smile and we began with some bubble play time. It was a warm, but beautiful morning and the light was peaking through the trees just perfectly! It may have taken a little extra effort and a second meeting, but boy was it worth it! Maro melted my heart with his inquisitive¬†nature and oh so adorable smile (I think he flirted with me a few times too) ūüėČ


xo   Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, Tx








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Newborn Photography | Sweet Amelia!

Newborn photography at it’s finest (the subject, that is)! This sweet little one has the most kissable cheeks, the cutest little pouty lips, and a perfect creamy complexion – lucky me! She was a little older than my typical newborns, but I always prepare. Patience is key at any age, and I can’t turn down new parents because their little one is over 10 days old – that’s just cruel, not to mention I like the challenge!

Gorgeous Amelia was given her name after Amelia Earheart, so a nod to her was in order with a cute little aviator hat I ordered special for her. Mom came with a bag full of goodies that friends and family had made for her – I love using personal items like the beautiful hand-knitted wrap and cozy blanket! Love!

We spent a bit of extra time together, and it was all worth it.. I could have rocked and snuggled this little beauty forever!


xo   Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, Tx





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Newborn Photography | Austin Tx | Bump Club Giveaway!

I love how my newborn photography allows me to meet new wonderful people in Austin. As a Bump Club Austin photographer, I had the opportunity to meet a group of ladies at a prenatal yoga class a few months back. I was included in one of their many amazing giveaways and one lucky momma would receive a free session with me.

I’m not sure who was the winner after laying eyes on a pair of the sweetest little beauties I’ve every had the opportunity to photograph! Little baby Renee was fast asleep after a good feeding from her amazing mommy and I had a comfy place ready for her to nestle in!

Thank you to Bump Club Austin for pairing me with such a little angel!


xo   Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, Tx





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