Children Photography in Austin, Tx | This Little Beauty Is 1!

Oh, I’m so excited to share some photos of Miss B’s 1 year session! I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful little subject, and family! I was greeted by her enchanting eyes when we met Saturday morning last weekend. We spent some time taking her portrait – Mom brought along some adorable outfits and headbands, then we made a quick drive to let her eat cake!

Now, I’m usually more involved in the planning process of the outfit, cake, etc. for a 1 year session, but I nearly died when Mom pulled out this adorable tutu and they’d scooped up a free cake for our cake smash (can’t beat it) – I couldn’t have put it together better myself. The sun was just right and we set the cake out – this little girl went to work lol! Oh, sweet B, I can’t wait to see you next time.


xo   Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, Tx










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