Newborn Photography | Austin, Tx | Beautiful Baby A!

I’m officially giving myself the newborn photographer biggest blog slacker award!! Because I’m not confident I’ll actually catch up, I’m posting one of the little beauties I photographed a few weeks ago who stole my heart (I’m working on her announcements)! As I’ve mentioned before, my newborn photography often takes me very special homes – this was no exception. A short drive found me surrounded by a beautiful Mommy, Daddy, and fresh (gorgeous) nursery and all the love you’d expect from a sweet new family – just add one of the most precious little faces.. ever!

I count myself one lucky little newborn photographer to have had the opportunity to capture this little beauties portrait! She was sleepy, smiley, and oh so sweet. Well, after setting up, I was finally able to get her nakie and hold her – not a few minutes later, I felt a warm rush between me and baby (any newborn photographer knows this feeling.. lol) – we’d now been intimately introduced 😉 After a quick change of clothes, it was time to get her into the first scene. The floors in the house were gorgeous – I always love being able to use hardwood in a home – it always ties in the colors and makes for gorgeous art that undoubtedly fits the home when printed!

A newborn photographer’s dream – I got to visit this little one twice to capture her, her tiny toes, fingers and she even flashed a smile! Patience, and lighting is key with newborn photography – which had me back a second day to spend a little more time with her and get some shots of the family.

Newborn photography at it’s finest (the subject, obviously)!


xo   Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, Tx






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4 thoughts on “Newborn Photography | Austin, Tx | Beautiful Baby A!

  1. Your newborn pictures are stunning. I have my first newborn shoot coming soon. What tips can you give to a first timer? I’ve done shoots with 6 months and older, this is my first time with such a young and tiny subject matter.

    • Hi! I’m so sorry I’m just seeing this – thank you so much!

      The most important tip I could give is: patience, patience, and more patience. With newborn photography, it’s key! Babies have a way of getting everyone involved worked up when they are not cooperating. Stay calm and soothing – It may sound hokey, but I promise the baby feeds off your energy.

      White noise can also be a big help in helping the little one fall asleep. Put a white noise machine near them or in the basket under the blanket their in. This helps muffle the noise the the simplest things – you moving around them and even the shutter clicking.

      After mom feeds, hold them close, rocking or swaying, whatever the baby prefers and wait… When they’re good and sleeping, keep them close as long as you can before placing them – when you’ve put them in place, put your hands on them again for reassurance, then slowly lift away. Oh, and prepare to be peed on lol.. have an extra change of clothes near by 😉

      One of the most important things I know as a newborn photographer or when photographing anyone – watch your light and let it guide you. If the baby gets comfy where the light isn’t optimal on his/her face – slowly turn the prop they’re in rather than them (I use natural light, so if the case may be your using strobe, you’ve got it far easier on manipulating lighting direction). I personally prefer the way natural light falls off and what it does to the skin and complexion – but everyone has their style! 🙂

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment – I hope something here helps! If you have any specific questions, I’d be happy to answer the best i can!

      Jessica Mitchell Photography
      Austin, Tx

      • I appreciate your tips!! They are so helpful.
        I’m having a hard time finding what type of basket(s) I should invest in. My client wants to do a fallish theme for their daughter so I thought maybe a mix weaved basket would be nice. My biggest dilemma is finding blankets. I know I need several, I just want to make sure I invest smartly into these products.

      • I started with natural toned blankets that would work with boys and girls when I was first looking for props that I could then accent to suggest boy/girl. It’s so easy to go prop crazy in the beginning and over-spend. Photo prop floors and backdrops has a lot of great throws with newborn photographers in mind. I really love furs too – they add a dimension of interest and texture.

        If you are out looking for baskets, remember the size of a baby (I use my forearm with my hand curled up) and lay it in the prop – it it fits nicely, so will a baby 😉

        My absolute go-to is a solid wood trench bowl that I found on etsy for $50 or $60 and it’s paid for itself again and again (she’s in it in the first image on this blog. lol). It’s a good starting piece that you just need to lay the baby in and no strenuous posing required. If baby doesn’t like to be moved and posed or maybe needs to be in a deeper sleep before that starts – something like this is perfect!

        When I started my prop stash – I bought things that I know would work for say 3-4 different sets, but also where I could interchange a few items for a new look with the next session in mind. I personally like timeless pieces that lean vintage/shabby chic. Determining your “style” is a good start. I bought things that I thought were really cute, but didn’t exactly fit “me” – they are still sitting in the prop room unused.

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