Jessica Mitchell Bio

Children, Baby & Family Photographer | Jessica Mitchell | Austin
Born in Chicago, the daughter of a photographer, her life was 
always filled with cameras, lights, and photographs. In 2002 she 
moved to Santa Barbara, CA, where she studied Commercial 
Advertising Photography at the prestigious Brook Institute of 
Photography, graduating in 2005.

Jessica Mitchell's first business venture was partnering on an
online photo retouching and post-production services site 
( and providing photo editing services to
 professionals and consumers alike. The company soon became the hig
hest traffickedretouching site and she continues to manage the day-
to-day operations.

In 2007, Jessica Mitchell moved from Santa Barbara to Austin, Tx an
d fell in love with the city, amazing people, and the countless 
other unique features Austin has to offer. Following the the 
birth of her niece, she knew it was time to re-emerge as an
independent artist and chose to focus on children and baby 
portraiture - capturing unique and beautiful images of precious 
little faces.

From private on-location sessions to mini-group days- Jessica is 
preserving beautiful moments in Austin, one amazing family at a 
time. Give a call, or shoot us an email if you’d like to inquire 
or schedule a portrait session.

To book a session with Jessica, contact us at 512.777.4090 or by 
email for scheduling options.

xo   Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, TX


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