Newborn Photography | Sweet Amelia!

Newborn photography at it’s finest (the subject, that is)! This sweet little one has the most kissable cheeks, the cutest little pouty lips, and a perfect creamy complexion – lucky me! She was a little older than my typical newborns, but I always prepare. Patience is key at any age, and I can’t turn down new parents because their little one is over 10 days old – that’s just cruel, not to mention I like the challenge!

Gorgeous Amelia was given her name after Amelia Earheart, so a nod to her was in order with a cute little aviator hat I ordered special for her. Mom came with a bag full of goodies that friends and family had made for her – I love using personal items like the beautiful hand-knitted wrap and cozy blanket! Love!

We spent a bit of extra time together, and it was all worth it.. I could have rocked and snuggled this little beauty forever!


xo   Jessica Mitchell Photography | Austin, Tx





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