Newborn Photography | Austin, Tx | Beautiful Baby A!

I’m officially giving myself the newborn photographer biggest blog slacker award!! Because I’m not confident I’ll actually catch up, I’m posting one of the little beauties I photographed a few weeks ago who stole my heart (I’m working on her announcements)! As I’ve mentioned before, my newborn photography often takes me very special homes – this was no exception. A short drive found me surrounded by a beautiful Mommy, Daddy, and fresh (gorgeous) nursery and all the love you’d expect from a sweet new family – just add one of the most precious little faces.. ever!

I count myself one lucky little newborn photographer to have had the opportunity to capture this little beauties portrait! She was sleepy, smiley, and oh so sweet. Well, after setting up, I was finally able to get her nakie and hold her – not a few minutes later, I felt a warm rush between me and baby (any newborn photographer knows this feeling.. lol) – we’d now been intimately introduced 😉 After a quick change of clothes, it was time to get her into the first scene. The floors in the house were gorgeous – I always love being able to use hardwood in a home – it always ties in the colors and makes for gorgeous art that undoubtedly fits the home when printed!

A newborn photographer’s dream – I got to visit this little one twice to capture her, her tiny toes, fingers and she even flashed a smile! Patience, and lighting is key with newborn photography – which had me back a second day to spend a little more time with her and get some shots of the family.

Newborn photography at it’s finest (the subject, obviously)!


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